A brand defines the success of a loyalty programme and significantly increases consumer’s interest to participate. 

We are licence holders of reknowned quality brands.

Colour, style and originality.

The genuine French ‘chic’ style, with more than 40 years of success The brand is known internationally for its youthfulness, its freshness and its sensuality. An urban, dynamic and casual twist for home textiles. A young, distinctive, fresh and up-to-date product that is constantly keeping up with the latest developments and market trends, but that always retains its identity and authenticity.

Elegance and sophistication with a Parisian flair. Haute couture translated into home textiles with creations that exude subtle elegance and exquisite combinations of colours. Guy Larche combines the latest styles with the refinement and character of the French home.

Timeless, Passionate, Avant-garde, Multifaceted and Creative style.

 One of the major symbols of feminism, for her fight against inequality. A completely revamped style to breaks the mould with its passionate, strong and feisty character.

Products filled with magic, specially created to awaken the imagination of both the young and the old. 

A brand that, after 100 years of existence, is still reaping success launch after launch.